Resetting a tivax mitraveller 7D-4A

Well, my daughter has a Michel Tivax 7D 4A tablet she uses and enjoy a lot.

However days ago she activated the password security and forgot the password! she tried several times and android simply ceased to ask for password and asked her for her gmail account, information she didn’t remember.

I searched a lot of forums looking for information on how to reset the tablet in order to recover access.. many of them says you have to simply press Vol+ and Power buttons at the same time, however I tried several times with no success. I also tried Vol- and Power, Vol+, Vol- and Power… push into the reset pinhole… pinhole+power, and sooo many options but was unable to reset the password, the tablet, or whatever.

Finally I found somewhere a person talking about “Android Multi Tools v1.02b” a program that runs on windows and helps you to reset the password.

I looked for a windows machine where a friend and then ran this program, selected option 1 to detect the device and then selected “Wipe device” … it said: whiping /data… or something like this and voilá.. after that the tablet rebooted and was ready to be setup as new.

So in case you happen to own a mitraveller tivax tablet and lock yourself out of the android system, use this as a tutorial. You can find “Android Multi Tools v1.02b” searching in google for this.

Oh, I found the place I got the idea for using this program. was here

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