Can someone learn more than 10 programming languages?

Before starting university I had a solid knowledge of MSX Basic (as well as GWBasic, visual basic after the university and Gambas several years later).

Back at University we learnt:

  • Pascal (turbo pascal, borland pascal, borland delphi)
  • Assembler (in real mode)
  • Prolog
  • Lisp
  • C
  • FoxPro (and dbase and foxbase)
  • ohhhh and SIMAN.
  • After the University:
  • Progress 4GL
  • Perl
  • Python
  • Shell (bash) Scripting

not a big deal. The point is knowing the algorithms, learning how to think and use the language structures. Well:Except for prolog, it was sooo… different.

Anyway: I no longer program these days, but if I wish to… I can simply learn a new one. But the point is making a good use of them.

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