How did the soldiers and generals who participated in the blockade during the Cuban Missile Crisis feel? Were they nervous?

My father was called to serve into the Cuban army, immediately. Dad remember they were ready.. he was serving at an aiti aircraft mortar battery.

They were very concerned, they were totally sure they were about to die, that the invasion was imminent, that it was the end for everybody. Very somber moments, very sad thoughts should have crossed their minds. He recalls an (or several I don’t remember) American plane flying at very high speed and low altitude “to scare us”. (

Well, at the end it didn’t happen …. and I was able to born 12 years later.

Update: 2018 06 14:

I went to Cuba last month and talked to my parents about this question:

Dad says it was a mortar section, not anti aircraft
They were near the beach, supposedly to repel attempts of american troops to reach the sea shore.
mom says she was not scared… she was guarding the university building in Santa Clara’s Central University. Dad looked at her like if she was talking non-sense and reaffirmed that they (the male group in the mortars section) were truly concerned.
He was the one in charge of sending the coordinates to the mortar crew

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